Victorian Cabinet

Although Christopher will normally make new things he occasionally gets requests to breath new life into the old. On this occasion the client fell in in love with a Victorian display cabinet at an auction, however, then realised it wouldn’t quite fit into the kitchen. 

Christopher was asked to “make it fit!” It needed to be about 6″ shorter to fit under a beam.  

The first task was to break down the glue joints of the original dovetails.. A syringe with a fine needle was used to inject Methylated Spirits into the joints enabling the animal glue to be dissolved and the dovetails to be gently prized apart. This is not a task for the faint hearted! 

Once apart the sides were trimmed to size. New dovetails were then cut by hand.

The glass in the cabinet was original Victorian glass just 2mm thick. This was taken to a specialist glass cutter to be resized.


Now the whole thing is glued back together, again using animal glue as would have been used with the original (just in case someone wants to resize it again in 100 years time!)


Clamps on!


Christopher was able to salvage the original nails when he took the cabinet apart. The picture on the below shows them being reused to pin the back.